Seven-Year-Old Girl Terribly Pleased With New Artificial Leg And You Will Be, Too

Everything about this video of seven-year-old Anu showing off her brand new prosthetic sports blade leg to her school friends is perfect, an antidote to the nastiness of the last week. Anu, from Birmingham, England, had to have part of her right leg amputated shortly after birth (her umbilical cord was wrapped around the leg and cut off circulation). But now she has a nifty new pink blade that allows her to run, courtesy of the National Health Service, the socialized medicine program that America can't possibly consider as a model because Freedom, but which seems pretty good for lively little English girls. And Australians.

We're not sure if our favorite part of the video is her one friend rushing to walk hand-in-hand with her, or the little friend who almost knocks her over with a big awkward kid hug, or the running around to show she can run around, or the synchronized high-kicking with her first little pal. All of it.

And so what if empathy is a risk -- we're going to be delighted with Anu and her nifty little leg. Here's hoping this video's sudden viral popularity results in a renewal of funding for the program that got her that blade; it was a one-time grant to the NHS, and the money's running out.

Screw preexisting conditions: You go, Anu!

And now the rest of you get to your Open Thread!

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