Ken Silverstein, over at Harper's, has two pieces that, while complex, provide just that note of salaciousness necessary to keep the public (read: our) interest in the ongoing Cunningham/Wilkes/Lewis and William Jefferson cases. Join the exclusive poker party, after the jump.

We'll start with Jefferson.

To sum up this amazingly detailed piece and put it in Wonkette-friendly terms: William Jefferson was heavily involved in securing for crooked "energy company" called EHRC the exclusive oil and energy rights of a tiny, possibly imaginary island nation called Sao Tome. EHRC was run and invested in by a rogues gallery of shady characters, including the Reverend Ernie Chu, currently of "Religious Science of Fort Lauderdale" and former major shareholder in porn production company Jill Kelly Productions (see! It's worth reading past the jump!). There's like 10 more kinds of crooked in the piece, it's a work of beauty.

Then, more brief but no less sweet, an update on Shirlington Limos. You remember Shirlington Limos -- they were the company run by an ex-con, given a cushy DHS contract, and charged by lobbyist Brent Wilkes with shuttling hookers to Duke Cunningham's Watergate suite (allegedly! allegedly!). The House Committee on Homeland Security announced today that said ex-con submitted an affidavit stating that Cunningham helped out a bit with that mysterious, poorly-vetted contract. Also, Silverstein implicitly supports Wonkette's decision to call this Watergategate, because it's just too good not to.

The Cunningham-Shirlington Connection [Harper's]

Meet William Jefferson's Political Supporters [Harper's]


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