Sex Slaves + Jack Abramoff = Post Writes Self

sexslavehall.jpgAbove, a selection from the November 13, 1997 Congressional Record. The speaker is Representative Ralph Hall (R-TX) and the subject is, of course, sex slavery in something called the Northern Mariana Islands (apparently we own them?). Like most stirring congressional rhetoric, these words were in response to a Readers' Digest article, and were suggested/written by the office of super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who, along with li'l ol' Tom DeLay, was doing a bit of business with said Islands. The gist: the sex slave was asking for it dressed like that.

Anyway, this is prime Wonkette fodder due to the brilliant confluence of insane immorality, corruption, and sex, but we're also posting it because we got an email from super-blogger Josh Marshall with the subject line "WE'VE GOT SEX SLAVES!" Which was kind of disconcerting until we remembered that lives in New York now.

For Abramoff, Lawmaker Slandered Teen Sex Slave [TPM Muckraker]


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