Sexy Latino Bush Heads Out To Sea

You can serve your fellow man!  And your political career!

At least one member of America's sprawling, multi-ethnic royal family won't have to come up with some line about having "other priorities" during the current eternal war when he runs for President in 2024. George P. Bush, the handsome half-Mexican nephew of the current president, has been selected as one of fifteen prospective members of the Navy Reserves intelligence unit.

After a year of training, Bush will be assigned to a naval intelligence unit close to his home. According to Lieutenant Commander Bill Schroeder of the Navy Reserve Intelligence Command in Fort Worth, intelligence officers "collect and analyze information and provide guidance to help war fighters make decisions critical on the battlefield," which means that the good-looking patrician plans to go into the shadowy, puppet-string-pulling world of behind-the-scenes control where his grandfather, former CIA head George H.W. Bush, once held sway.

Despite his good looks, military service, and intelligence, most experts believe that George P. Bush will inevitably find his political career eclipsed by Pierce Bush, his amiable jackass Alfred E. Newman lookalike cousin, for reasons that nobody will be able to explain adequately.

George P. Bush selected for Navy reserves class [KTEN]

George P. Bush Joins Navy Reserve [Politico]


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