Sexytime Acrobatics At the Circus

If there's one thing this week has reminded us of, it's that politics is one Big Ugly Circus: that denouncing masturbation gets you votes, but that fighting crime and fixing schools does not. Oh, but thankfully just miles outside the District, near National Harbor, there you can find Cirque du Soleil, an upscale circus that involves such classy activities as somersaulting from trapezes, tightrope walking, and bug sex. This Cirque du Soleil show is called "Ovo." It's about life. It's about bugs. Its got a whole bunch of people doing crazy shit with their bodies, that sure may "look easy," but unless you're a washed up Romanian gymnast or an incredibly agile small child, you cannot do it.

Highlights from the show include:

  • Interracial bug love.
  • Beautifully choreographed dancing between two "bugs" dressed in all white who play with ropes and throw each other in the air. This would be your highly erotic bug sex.
  • Small children, dressed like ants, juggling large kiwis with their feet. Fast. In unison.

  • A very skinny man walks across a wire. And then he bikes across the wire. On a unicycle. With his head in the seat.
  • Incredible costumes and spectacular visuals.
  • Performers contorting their bodies in ways that just should not be possible. (The performers are 54 athletes and gymnasts from 16 countries and many of them are Olympians!).
  • "Grasshoppers" doing somersaults, bouncing off walls, and literally walking in the air. In unison. In fucking unison.

The circus is spectacular and if you like upscale things and highly dislike large animals, you will certainly enjoy it. Ovo runs through October 24. Tickets cost $39-$255. [Cirque du Solei]


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