Shady Secrets That Netflix Keeps From Its Subscribers! Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 2, 2021

Shady Secrets That Netflix Keeps From Its Subscribers! Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 2, 2021


Piece of shit "antivaxmomma" selling fake vax cards and illegal entries in the New York vax database is going to jail. (AP) AP forgot to say though that she is a stripper (don't worry, New York Post is ON IT), and that the reason she is antivax is because vaccines sterilize children for the gay agenda? Shit's stupid, y'all.

Deep breath, from AP:

Late into the night Tuesday before the ban took effect clinics were filled with patients, said Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO of Whole Women's Health, which has four abortion clinics in Texas.

Twenty-seven women were still in the waiting room after 10 p.m. at one clinic, leaving doctors crying and scrambling over whether they would see all of them in time, she said. The last abortion at one of her clinics finished at 11:56 p.m. in Fort Worth, where Hagstrom Miller said anti-abortion activists outside shined bright lights in the parking lot after dark looking for wrongdoing, and twice called police.

I wonder what Amanda Marcotte thinks of the Roberts Court letting Roe v. Wade die? I bet she will tell us! — Salon

I need to go lie down. A thread.

Do you love to cry? Here is a story about the stews taking care of the Afghan refugees on the (rarely activated!) private airlines that can be commandeered in times of national crisis. — ABC News

The Johnstown dam is in trouble and the area is being evacuated. (York Dispatch) You want HORRIFYING? (Wikipedia)

This is now my most favorite most beautiful song, and it is pulling my heart out of my chest on this, my eighth listen in a row, and it will pull it out again on my ninth.

They're letting all the Trumpenlawyers back in polite society. Rick Hasen thinks they should stop! (Slate)

Uh, the missing Trumpenlawyer? John Pierce? If you haven't seen his texts to his ex, they are ... upsetting! — Daily Beast

Oh cool, Politico's about to get worse! (Press Run)

Oh cool, so is the Senate Republican caucus! (Politico)

Why are the Squad attacking the head of the Fed? Maybe it is about ... dun dun DUN! ... monetary policy! Learn some nerd stuff with Noahpinion!

Don't hate on the Boomers for economic inequality. Hate on 10 percent of the Boomers for economic inequality! A riproaring post by Cory Doctorow. (Pluralistic)

There is power in a union! Maybe the Anne Applebaum-type people so concerned about "cancel culture" should join one! — Hamilton Nolan (you guys hate him so much! I enjoy him!) at In These Times

Sara Benincasa says make your fucking bed or handwash your goddamn bras or do any kind of chore for 15 minutes to an hour when you are creatively stuck. Don't alphabetize your spice rack like she says though; sort by cuisine or type or even color! (Medium)

Shy made me this rack. Most spices originally from Wonkette pals

Buy your cute spice jars and labels or anything else in the world but not the rack, Shy made that for me, at Amazon with those links or this link for a small Wonkette cut and whatnot.

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