Shaha's Just Pissed Because You Didn't Run Her Press Release

While we're waiting for Alberto Gonzales to either resign or declare himself Caesar, let's examine the latest theory as to why Paul Wolfowitz's girlfriend Shaha Riza is (reportedly) such a World Class Bank bitch.

According to Newsweek's Michael Hirsh, it's all because DC journalists snubbed her during the years when she was sending out press releases about various World Bank initiatives. And the releases included her e-mail and phone number. "Guess what?" writes Hirsh. "Many of us never called."

Wait, so Riza got pissed off at the world (bank) and demanded to be paid more than Condi Rice because of the indignity of going to the State Department because ... journalists didn't personally respond to press releases she sent out in 2004?

Note to all flacks -- especially Liz Richardson, who sends out 15 John Kerry statements every day: It's nothing personal. Don't go rebuilding the Arab world or whatever just because of us!

Quite the Couple [Newsweek]

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