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In case you were wondering if we have reached peak foaming-at-the-mouth outrage yet over President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, hahaha, aren't you adorable? We have, however, reached the part of our civilized national debate where Very Concerned Citizens casually suggest Judge Merrick Garland just might need to be assassinated, so we're on our way!

Larry Pratt -- you know, this asshole from Gun Owners of America who thought Antonin Scalia was too squishy on the Second Amendment, and knows all of America's problems are best solved by more guns plus more guns times more guns -- is super mad about Garland's open war on the Constitution:

To put it in technical lawyerese, he was trying to stick it to what became known as the Heller decision. He voted against Dick Heller, voted against the idea that any citizen of the District of Columbia has an individual right to keep and bear arms. And this is the guy that has been sold to us by many folks, including the president I guess, that this is a moderate. Well, I guess in the Kremlin, there are moderates, but that's not the kid of moderate we need on the Supreme Court. [...]

His track record is consistent, and it's one of opposition to the Second Amendment.

Asked what happens to oppressed gun owners everywhere if this Kremlin stooge ends up on the Court -- at the suggestion of gun-grabbing commie Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, FYI -- Pratt has some more "technical lawyerese" for us:

Judicially, it's in a heap of trouble. Happily, the Second Amendment is all about Judge Garland, so there is a limit to how far he can go, I think.

Yes, "happily" our founding fathers provided a method for dealing with people just like Judge Garland. BRB, shooting ourselves in the Bill of Rights. Prattle on, Larry:

And perhaps -- now I'm really speaking hypothetically -- just perhaps, the Republicans at some point might decide that one of these justices ruling against the Constitution, time after time after time, ought to be impeached.

Honestly, we don't know which part of that we love-hate the most: the part where Pratt suggests we can kill judges we don't like, or the part where he says he's really going out on a limb by suggesting we can just impeach them instead.

You know what? Fuck it, we hate everything because everything is terrible, the end.

[Right Wing Watch]


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