Shamed DC Mayor Returns Sack of iPhones

Fuck you, I'm rich - WonketteFollowing a weekend of harsh global condemnation -- or, actually, a single Wonkette post on Friday night -- DC Mayor Adrian Fenty has returned the sack of iPhones his operatives collected from the AT&T store at 17th and Pennsylvania.

Angry geeks who lined up to purchase the Pet Rock of 2007 were told by management that Fenty's group picked up so many of the $600 gadgets that some in line would go home empty handed.

Fenty is the second mayor of a crime-ridden Eastern city to be caught doing unseemly things with the NSA surveillance toys; Philadelphia Mayor John Street was caught actually waiting in line to buy an iPhone. Some other loser in the line started yelling about how the mayor shouldn't be buying the device because of all the murders, so he sheepishly went off to personally solve 200 Philadelphia homicides.

Mayor Orders Aides To Return iPhones [DC Examiner]

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