Shamed Giuliani/DHS Crook Sent To Guyana

Coupla a crooks - WonketteCrooked thug Bernard Kerik was denied his chance to run Homeland Security like some mafia fiefdom, but that doesn't mean his career is totally finished. Kerik's going to Guyana, where he'll be the local president's tough guy.

Best known for the Jonestown Massacre, Guyana is a little jungle country on the northeast coast of South America. People grow sugar cane and have shrimp farms. The country will be depopulated soon because everyone is moving to the United States or nearby Caribbean islands.

Congratulations, Kerik! You can bring in all those South African mercenaries you ran with in Iraq and basically have your own shitty little country to boss around.

Kerik named security adviser in Guyana [AP]


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