* Long list of rules Paul Wolfowitz has broken in his life goes up by one. [NYT]

* John Edwards wants to get rid of poor people. [WP]

* Barack Obama wants his white supporters to stop calling him "Tiger." [WP]

* And Fred Thompson just wants to enjoy having John McCain's balls on his chin. [WP]

* One sideways look and George Tenet will duct-tape Doug Feith's ass to a tree in the middle of the quad, naked and sobbing. [WP]

* Rudy Giuliani plays with conflict of interest laws like you play Guitar Hero. [WSJ]

* Engineering professor drove his Chevy to the New Orleans levee, but the levee was completely fucked. [NYT]

* It's not just students: Department of Education ignores the two or three smart employees they have too. [NYT]

* S for Sarkozy. [WP, NYT, LAT]


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