Sharron Angle Doesn't Understand Why the Press Isn't Her BFF


[youtube expand=1]

Yes, here is a person in serious contention for U.S. Senate, wondering why the press does not write the things she wants them to write and help her raise money. Why is it that the media thinks it has a different role than Teabagger websites? That is not very nice, you guys. Territory folks should stick together. Territory folks should all be pals.

You see, if Sharron Angle gets elected, we can get rid of these pesky arbiters of power. And then we can get rid of checks and balances! And finally, we will get rid of all thinking that is different than Sharron Angle's thinking. It is just so silly that somebody can do or think something differently than Sharron Angle! What do you silly people think you're doing? We can all be chums if we just do what she wants us to do!

Is it a coincidence this video looks like it was recorded from the faded screen at the end of a tiny compartment? This is what your prison cell will be like in the future if you are not Sharron Angle's friend. [YouTube]


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