Sharron Angle: Harry Reid Is An Illegal Mexican

[youtube expand=1]

Ah yes, in the epic battle of Fearful Podunk Nevada White v. Scary Mexicans On Security Tape In Gang Clothing, Harry Reid has joined up with the latter. And yet, Harry Reid looks like a normal white person? And yet he has not defunded these important green security cameras that are keeping our borders safe? But he HAS ALSO funded voyeur cameras watching our children at school? This ad raises many questions that can only be answered by looking at certain frames of this video.

Here's an important subliminal message: Harry Reid won't declare English our national lap. But we love sitting on English's lap!


Harry Reid has given so much education to Messicans and weakened English to such a degree that a renowned language scholar like Sharron Angle can't even remember how to spell "Social Security."

Harry Reid has even turned Sharron Angle's clone demon spawn against her! Look at how they mock her for knowing to fear Mexicans!

But what's the scariest part of this ad? The man you think is Harry Reid isn't even him at all! IT'S CLEM!

NOT CLEM!!!!! [YouTube]


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