Sharron Angle Pretty Sure She Is The Senior Senator From Nevada, Actually


We all had a bit of a sad when crazy Sharron Angle and her Second Amendment solutions lost her challenge to Harry Reid back in 2010. Oh, sure, Harry's competent and an effective Majority Leader and, significantly, not full-bugfuck crazy. But Sharron Angle wasentertaining, with her nutso call -- long before the election of course, not after -- for armed insurrection if she lost, and her fear that Harry Reid would unleash cocaine-crazed monkeys upon the populace, and her charmingly casual ethnic slurs about those Messican kids who look Asian to her.

Happily, she's just as unhinged as ever, and in an appearance on the Nevada Newsmakers teevee show Thursday insisted that voter fraud is rampant, just completely rampant in U.S. America, and for all she knows, maybe she really won in 2010. It's just a rhetorical question, mind you. But maybe that happened? Because even though study after study shows that voter fraud is extremely rare, she knows better than to trust studies, because for one thing, they downplay all the voter fraud she just knows is out there.

When asked if voter fraud was an element in her loss to Reid, Angle said it was a national problem and no one is paying attention to it.

Dead guys and people in prison could have voted for Reid, Angle insinuated.

“I think it (voter fraud) is an element in every election across the United States,” Angle said when asked about voter fraud in the 2010 election. “I’ve been traveling and I have done quite a bit of it and they asked me two questions. One is, ‘What are you doing now?’ And the other is, ‘Did Harry Reid steal the election?’

She's been doing quite a bit of voter fraud, or traveling? But anyway, she knows that there's lots of frauding, because all people want to talk to her about is the voter fraud:

“It is more of a rhetorical question,” Angle said. “People have such a lack of confidence in our electoral system and it is because of the things they have seen happening at the polls. Where voting machines change their votes, where people are intimidating them (voters) at the voting place.

“We know that ballots have been cast for dead people or for people in prison,” Angle said. “So they know all of this and they really think that no one is paying attention and nobody really cares is what is happening. And that is why many people don’t even go to vote, because they don’t think it counts.”

And the evidence of all that voter fraud? It has to be real, because everybody just knows about it. Plus, there was something about it on Fox. (Are dead people on voter rolls? Yep, if county registrars don't clean them up. But there's no evidence that anyone's actually voting in dead people's name.) Does voter fraud ever happen in Nevada? Well, in 2012, there was one nice Republican lady who tried to vote twice in Southern Nevada, but she got arrested the second time, so that was only an attempt -- her name came up in the database as having voted already. The Clark County registrar said it was the first time in the 15 years he'd been in office that someone had tried to vote twice, which means nothing, because it was only the first time they caught anyone.

Ah, but Angle has a great idea to clean up Nevada elections from all this fraud she's pretty sure is happening despite any actual evidence. Do you think you can guess what it is? We bet you can! How about Voter ID? Such a forward thinker, that Sharron Angle! She's also pretty sure that Nevada voting machines are regularly hacked, although she didn't say whether the hackers were in prison or dead. ("In prison or dead?" Maybe Ted Nugent does all the voter fraud!)

Voting machines that have an attached paper trail would do no good, either, because the paper would just print out the hacked votes. Of course, if that much hacking is happening with no evidence left behind, Angle wasn't able to explain how having a photo ID would prevent the hacking. It would, on the other hand, reduce voting by minorities and poors, so really, it's a win-win.

[Reno Gazette-Journal]

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