Sharron Angle Should Just Quit Her Campaign


[youtube expand=1]

Here’s Nevada Senate hopeful Sharron Angle’s latest vote-for-me mini-movie, “Right Here Right NOW,” in which she stands before a group of nodding, concerned-looking olds and tells them that “government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” Yet she still wants to be a part of the "problem." Is she not watching her own ads?

Angle seems perfectly content being part of everyday Real America. Look at how she lights up when she points to herself and says, “We the People.” Those words are like home! Her heart knows that she can serve her country best when she’s just “hanging around” like an ordinary person--down at the Kroger stocking up on Anytizers, Bagel-fuls and other patriotic fun-foods, or in her front yard sweeping up tumbleweeds, or at her neighborhood shooting range, experimenting with "Second Amendment remedies."

Don't get caught up in that Beltway lifestyle hocus pocus, Sharron! Just stay home -- preferably inside your home, away from the computer, with the curtains pulled and the phone disconnected.


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