Shattered Hopes and Dreams

* Barry Hussein is a lying, money-laundering crook whose presidential race is doomed and other completely retarded predictions. [Wizbang Politics]

* Some Frenchman went and pulled a Tom Daschle. [">Newsweek]

* Giuliani meets with Israel's Ehud Olmert and god knows what the fuck they talked about. [Election Central]

* Iraq Slogger wants you to know how good Iraq Slogger is at reporting on things. [Iraq Slogger]

* Fox News hates America just as much as all the other networks. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Freedom's bloggers keep vigil to protect America from Islamo-Fascism and brown-skinned people general. [LGF]

* America's preference for make-believe candidates to real ones continues in South Carolina. [Wizbang Politics]


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