She Was Surprised That It Went So Viral But Then She Saw The Background! Tabs, Wed., Jan. 27, 2021

She Was Surprised That It Went So Viral But Then She Saw The Background! Tabs, Wed., Jan. 27, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

President Joe Biden bought us some more vaccine. Trump had declined to buy enough for everybody, because because. (NBC News)

People buying mesh "freedom masks" are fucking assholes. — Vice

IATSE! The theatrical stagehands union wants to build some theatrical vaccineries! They're fuckin' IATSE! — The Hollywood Reporter

A very good interview from last weekend with Anthony Fauci. Use one of your NYT clicks on it. (New York Times)

Biden ain't falling for your unity bullshit. "Biden Says Impeachment Trial Has to Happen." — Talking Points Memo

They are literally pretending this is the most disrespectful a president has ever been to the press. They're trying it!

Anyway, the readout was already up, but the word "read" is right there in it, so that wouldn't be fair. (Readout)

All the times shiny new Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wanted to execute Nancy Pelosi till dead. (She's non-denial denying it.) — CNN

And now what good times our dear friends in Sequim, Washington, are having with their QAnon mayor who just canned the city manager, because it's not Q without a coup! (Daily Beast)

Just FYI, QAnon was pushed by Russian trolls literally before it was even called "Q." (Independent)

PRECOCIOUS! Josh Hawley wrote a newspaper column, when he was just 15, defending poor alienated militia members just haplessly slipping into domestic terrorism after Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City federal building! (Business Insider)

Let Roy Edroso depress you! "The Story So Far." — Edroso Substack

"Supporting the overthrow of the US government isn't good for business." Why Mitch McConnell dumped Trump. — Jane Mayer at the New Yorker

I find this article complaining about Joe Biden's pick for Deputy Education Whatever Cindy Marten to be problematic. First, Cindy Marten did not invent the pandemic. Second, if there are racial achievement gaps, does it not matter that kids of color in her district are outperforming all the other districts and that

[u]nder [San Diego Superintendent Cindy] Marten's leadership, San Diego Unified has implemented several racial equity reforms, including changing the way students are graded to be less punitive, requiring restorative discipline, launching efforts to increase staff diversity and studying the role of school police.

If you don't want her as Deputy Department of Education Person, you're probably going to have to go with someone who's never worked in education at all. Someone like, say, Betsy DeVos. God I'm so annoyed now. — LA Times


The Real Life Letter of Apology Written by the Salem Witch Trial Jury. — Gizmodo

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