Shelley Dracula-Cunt Still Secretly In Congress

As the living sometimes visit the graves of the dead, we stopped by six-week congresswoman Shelley "Dracula Cunt" Sekula Gibbs' website and discovered the amazing truth. She's still in Congress, having kept Tom DeLay's old House district in Republican hands after all!

Dear Friends,
Thank you for helping KEEP 22 REPUBLICAN!
Back on Earth, this is what actually happened: Dracula Cunt ran in the special election to fill DeLay's seat for the last six weeks of the 109th Congress, but her name couldn't be on the General Election ballot because DeLay had won the GOP primary before he quit. Democrat Nick Lampson -- who handily won the general and was sworn in last month -- didn't file to appear on the Special ballot, even though polls showed he was going to beat her by 8 points. Oh, and the General & Special elections were held at the same time. The RNC spent nothing on her campaign, she was caught hassling voters at a polling place, and then she arrived in Washington where DeLay's old staff walked out en masse, cuz she's psychotic. Come back soon, Shelley!

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