Shep Smith Forgets FOX Talking Points, Again


You guys, Shep Smith ismad (again), and he is not having any more of this nonsense. Somebody must have forgotten to send him Hannity's playbook on how to wonder whether this whole Trayvon Martin mishigas might not have just been a terrible misunderstanding, because he is almost in a fugue state of anger.

"He's walking home with Skittles for his sibling, and his iced tea. There was a confrontation, there was screaming, there was 'help help help,' there was a dispute over who was screaming help, it's widely believed that it was Trayvon. Hang on. Widely believed it was Trayvon who was screaming 'help' and then shots fired. And then silence. Ominous silence. And then a little boy lying face down in a pool of his own blood. And dying in the streets of that gated community. And then this man who did the shooting, his weapon is not even taken away? And it's not even taken into consideration whether this man is a danger to his community?"

Haven't seen Shep this mad since Katrina, the day a FOX News boy-anchor became a man.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

Rebecca Schoenkopf is the owner, publisher, and editrix of Wonkette. She is a nice lady, SHUT UP YUH HUH. She is very tired with this fucking nonsense all of the time, and it would be terrific if you sent money to keep this bitch afloat. She is on maternity leave until 2033.


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