Shivering Twerp Eric Cantor Afraid of Polite Unemployed 'Mobs' (But Not Gun-Waving Teabaggers!)


Bawk bawk!Mincing little twit Eric Cantor was all for a bunch of heavily-armed old white sociopaths showing up at Obama speeches and Town Hall meetings about, uh, denying health care to children and working people. But if a crowd of polite unemployed people camps out in a park to politely blog about income inequality, then watch out, it's MOBS. The thing is, the mobs will come for Eric Cantor, sooner or later, but we're still a long way from that point -- and every shred of available evidence suggests that Eric Cantor's own constituency will be the ones who pry him out of his Lexus or townhouse and coat his pasty nerd flesh with Tar and Feathers, like the real Tea Party did to that naked guy in the HBO adaptation of the John Adams biography. Anyway, Eric is all a-scared!

Revolution is just fine when it's just a bunch of fat old racists who don't want to pay their taxes, right? But it's scary like a Halloween Pumpkin full of butter knives when some educated folks take their MacBooks down to Wall Street and walk around with the nice transit workers.

A top Republican in Congress referred on Friday to Wall Street protesters as "growing mobs" that are trying to divide the country.

In a speech to social conservatives, House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor said: "I for one am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country."

"Growing mobs." That's really a more apt description for the Hoveround/Rascal crowd with the Don't Tread On Me mu-muus, don't you think, Eric?

Anyway, Eric Cantor is scared of a bunch of kids sharing library books and pizzas in a park. And the White House press secretary actually came out of his hole to note that Eric Cantor is a hypocrite. Eric Cantor is also a pussy. [Reuters]


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