Shock News About Anti-Mask Lawmaker Idiot Who Got Kicked Off Alaska Airlines, You Will Be Shock!

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Shock News About Anti-Mask Lawmaker Idiot Who Got Kicked Off Alaska Airlines, You Will Be Shock!

Remember Lora Reinbold, the Alaska GOP state senator idiot who got banned from Alaskan airspace — or more specifically, the one Alaska Airlines flight that could take her to work at the statehouse in Juneau — because she was such a fucking asshole about masks?

Well oh boy, do we have an update on her life to tell you! It's exactly the update you're expecting, three guesses, time's up, surprise, she has COVID.

Here's the update she put on her Facebook on Tuesday night:

Its my turn to battle Covid head on... game on! Who do you think is going to win? 💪🙏When I defeat it, I will tell you my recipe. I am completely unimpressed with instructions, on my positive test, that says to go home & take Tylenol (which is contraindicated) until you cannot breathe -a bad recipe from cdc/dept of health.I am taking lots of vitamins ABCD & Quercitin & zinc citrate. Vit E and aspirin to reduce clotting. I am blessed to have gotten Ivirmectin the "de -covider." My Vicks steamer has been a God send! My naturopath gave me tips too- that I am sure will work! I will update you in a few days. I plan to keep my promise to stay OUT of the hospital- some of them seem like scary places these days.

OK, you know that thing where the Target lady would see a cool product in somebody's basket and she'd run off to get it, abandoning her customer, and then when she got back with the product she'd say she was gonna use it for somethin' real weird?

Now read that part about "It's my turn" and "GAME ON! Who do you think is going to win?" and "Ivirmectin" [sic] as the Target lady.

In fact, read that whole status as the Target lady, it all works. "Is that horse dewormer?" [Whooshes away to get horse dewormer then comes back.] "I'm gonna use it to treat my COVID!"

And when she beats it, she'll tell you her recipe! Because that's how we treat diseases, we each make up our own personal recipe and then put it on Facebook, along with all our other anti-vax quackery and casual bigotry and conspiracy theories.

The Daily Beast has a good roundup on just what a barrel of batshit Reinbold really is about COVID. Before announcing her own diagnosis, Reinbold also posted this list of COVID treatment tips she says she got from a pal:

"Buy a vibrator," eh? That might indeed be a good life hack right there!


Thoughts and prayers for Reinbold's recovery. Really. (COMMENTER RULES REMAIN IN EFFECT.) Carry on.


[Lora Reinbold Facebook]

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