Shocker: Spokesman for Anti-Immigration Group Secretly White

If it's good enough for Tony Randall - WonketteTim Brummer has been going by the surname "Binh" in his capacity as spokesman for the California-based group Vietnamese for Fair Immigration. Brummer, of course, isn't Vietnamese, though he is anti-immigration, so his group's name is like a quarter accurate.

As the SPLC points out, Brummer's group isn't the only anti-brown people organization getting a little creative with identity politics.

There's the DC-based "Latino" anti-immigration group "You Don't Speak For Me," which happens to share press offices with the not-quite-"Latino" Federation for Immigration Reform and an Illinois chapter head with the actual Minutemen (who the hell is illegally immigrating to Illinois? Mexican jet pilots?).

One of those shared flacks is a dude named Ira Mehlman, who, you probably shouldn't be too surprised to hear, is not Hispanic. He is involved in a group called "Choose Black America," though.

It's kind of refreshing, actually, that this unsettling rise of organized xenophobia should lead to so many acknowledgments that, at heart, we are all one race, and that race hates Mexicans.

Email us if you'd like in on the ground floor of "Lesbian Pacific Islanders for Tougher Borders."

Nativist Movement [SPLC]


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