Has there ever been anyone so wronged as poor Shaha Ali RZA? The poor woman was forced into a promotion and a hefty raise, and she has to sleep with Paul Wolfowitz. It's no wonder she's lashing out.

Al Kamen's column details just how terribly she's taking all of this. You see, none of this ever would've happened if she'd been a man, or married, or not involved in an obvious conflict of interest, or, uh... not fucking Paul Wolfowitz.

On several occasions she noted that there were other couples working at the bank and that some wives of high-ranking officials were not required to leave their jobs, and she said that it would have been nice if a bank official could have "at least explained to me why I was being treated in a different way to all other spouses in this place."

"Or maybe," she continued, "I was wondering, maybe because they're married, they're seeing that their relationships are asexual. But because I'm dating, there must be sex there."

Jesus, Shaha, what the hell? Spending so much time with Wolfie must be getting to you, because we're pretty sure forcing us to imagine him having sex is a war crime.

Sour Over her Sweetheart Deal [WP]


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