'Shockingly Unpleasant' Men Charging $5 For Obama Signs

Barack Obama has raised $196 million dollars for his campaign in the last minute. Still, he insists upon charging some people five dollars for a sign to put in their front yards. What is wrong with him? In a column for Boston's Metro, a Philly writer has put it all into strange perspective. And yes, it involves terrorism somehow.

Clark DeLeon writes about a young lady who wanted to pick up an Obama sign for her house in Philadelphia:

She was told that such a sign would cost $5. And she paid. "I felt guilty," she said later, noting that when she worked as a volunteer for Chaka Fattah during his run for mayor no one charged her for campaign posters. She didn't have to add that she also felt stupid and vaguely insulted. Five dollars for a campaign poster? This is change?

Indeed, it was very clear looking at her that she was stupid, so no further comment was necessary. Man, these Obamanaut Academic Geniuses sure think they're the bees' knees:

Earlier that same week, a middle-aged city employee and District Council 47 union activist used her lunch hour to stop by to ask for a sign to put in her South Philly rowhouse window. She was treated like a bag lady trying to get over on eBay. "You people come in here expecting free material," said a shockingly unpleasant man.

But this treatment is nothing compared to how Obama is treating the Irish -- like they are Osama bin Laden:

But in a very short time Friday evening, I heard multiple and unforced stories about how creeped out people were by their experiences. "They looked at me like I was al-Qaida," said one very non-Muslim-looking guy with an Irish surname who walked out of headquarters at the same time I did. Maybe Obama staffers thought he was a Hillary mole.

Oh Mr. DeLeon, you silly billy. In Barry Obama's eyes, an Irish person is also "Muslim-looking." That is the very Change of which he speaks.

DeLeon: Is a free poster too much [Metro]


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