At the beginning of June, we had a story about the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee doing some genuine Good Things. (Still haven't seen that Russia report, by the way. Where is it, fuckers?) But now Senate Republicans made all the Good Things go away, the end, good post, Wonkette! OPEN THREAD!

OK, if we must tell you what happened, early in June, the Senate Intel Committee passed its annual Intelligence Authorization Bill out of committee, and it had some Good Things in it. Specifically, it had a version of Democratic committee Vice Chair Mark Warner's FIRE Act, which would require presidential campaigns to tell the FBI if bad foreign actors were trying to touch them in their bathing suit areas. You know, like if the Russians were doing a "sweeping and systematic" attack on the election for Donald Trump's benefit, and Donald Trump Jr. was really excited about how the Russians were coming to Trump Tower to give him a bunch of treats, he'd have to call the FBI to tell him how cool it was that the Russians were helping Daddy, by giving him treats.

Just a for instance.

Susan Collins had voted with the Democrats to include that amendment in the bill that got passed out of committee, but one, two, skip a few, and now Senate Republicans have stripped all that out. We guess when your only methods for winning elections are "suppress voters" and "let hostile foreign powers fuck with election," you just don't want to close off your few remaining avenues for success.

As CNN explains, as has been done previously, they're jamming the Intelligence Authorization Bill in with the great big huge National Defense Authorization Act, and they did all this out of public view, which is the way Republicans like to do things.

Warner is pissed.

"If my Republican colleagues want to strip this legislation out of the NDAA behind closed doors, then I'm going to offer it up as an amendment to force an up-or-down vote and put every member of this body on the record," Warner said on the Senate floor.

Yes, he ought to do that.

It's not like Senate Republicans have any shame or anything. The GOP is not an American political party anymore, and what we mean by that is that they don't believe in democracy and don't respect the results of elections they don't personally win. During the Trump years, they haven't even been paying lip service to the idea that elections in America should be free and fair, and Mitch McConnell has never met an election security bill he didn't want to kill. They're bad people.

Also, they know Joe Biden is going to win the presidency, and at this point they're clinging to the prayer that maybe they can hang onto the Senate, but that looks less and less likely every day. You know, especially if they don't get some serious reacharounds from whoever's willing to give them reacharounds.

Not much else to say about it. We really could have just ended this post at the top when we said Senate Republicans had just made all the Good Things go away. Same shit, different day.

Anyway, the end, good post, Wonkette! OPEN THREAD!


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