Should We Just Retire Now?

"The RPSSG has determined to form on the as a method of designing and building a space vehicle capable of carrying a satelite into space. This satelite, called the Ron Paul Satelite, will be a solar powered transmitter, capable of broadcasting Ron Paul Revolution: A Manefesto, in audio format, to the entire Universe! We realise this may take several billion light-years for the signal to reach the end of the Universe, but we are prepared to continue our peaceful revolution, as long as it takes."

"We also intend to develop the promising technology Carbonic Reaction Thrust Engines. The Ron Paul Rocket design will provide the perfect vehicle to test our revolutionary systems. The fuel for CRTE is Diet Coke and Mentos. The benifits to mankind force us to ask the Coca Cola Corp. and Mentos brand Breath Mints to sponsor our research.

"What kind of propulsion will you use before you finish developing CRTE?

"This is a good question. Our goal is to use Diet Coke and Mentos, however until then, we will use timed burn hobby rocket engines. We will use very big ones, and lots of them!"

And we hate posting on Saturday evenings.

Project Goals [Ron Paul Rocket]


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