Sightings at Smith's Point: The Latest in a Continuing Series

will_they_cobrand_with_vice_magazineWonkette operatives are everywhere, even at the skanky Smith's Point bar. And you'll never guess who showed up this past Saturday. According to our operative, Jenna Bush "stumbled" in at 1AM, escorted by a young man in a BC04 tucker's hat. (Wow, irony really is dead!) "Jenna was dragged to the back bar by her BC '04 clad pal and others - since she could barely walk on her own she was so intoxicated - where they all took a few quick shots," says our source. At one point, the boozy blonde apparently became concerned that she might be spotted, and "pushed her hair in her face hoping that she would become less recognizable." This may not have helped. Jenna and friends held court in the back, smoking cigarettes and drinking Budweisers (very red state!) until closing. We hear further that the party continued at at Bush-Cheney staffer's house far into the night. Oh, Karl. . .


Bush-Cheney Trucker Hat [Wonkette]

Jenna and Barb: Finding the Shortest Distance between Smith's Point [Wonkette]


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