8 Tips For Hiding A Lost Litter Of Kittens! Tabs, Fri., June 17, 2022

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Ginni Thomas to the white courtesy phone please, Ginni Thomas to the white courtesy phone. (AP)

So the Republican senators who objected to the 2020 election certification are sorry and embarrassed right? LOL. — HuffPost

Tim Miller spent a week listening to Steve Bannon's podcast, which seems like an excessive punishment just for writing for The Bulwark.

Mop up your kitchen floor, it's time for your "they have made the parents crazy, these people are crazy, they are going to get someone killed" liedown.

The board voted 4-1 with two abstentions to pass the anti-CRT and anti-1619 Project resolution. But the crowd was still worked up. Cromer moved to take a break. The livestream of the meeting was paused. But the yelling continued. And things spiraled out of control, to the point that Cromer abruptly adjourned the meeting.

One man in the crowd screamed: “I’m furious!”

Another declared: “We’re going to hunt you down!”

That's after they got what they wanted. And Tucker Carlson can't believe Merrick Garland is going to put you in jail just because you're concerned about your child's education. — ProPublica

Who wants to join me in a morning cocktail? How about the Dirty Shirley? (Liquor)

The Republican threat to gay and trans people is baaaaasically Hitler. (It is Hitler.) — Will Bunch at Philadelphia Inquirer

Like Candace Owens here. Candace Owens thinks they should take your trans kids away, or your cis kids if you let them see a drag queen. Candace Owens, that's Hitler.(Media Matters)

How are we treating our pregnant 14-year-olds today? Is it forgetting we were interrogating them and leaving them to pee in the trash can and break themselves out the next day? (Macon)

Herschel Walker was having secret, unacknowledged, un-father-figured babies when he was 47 and fifty. (CNBC)

I'm not watching the Columbine shooter's mom's TED talk, you can't make me. — Reddit

Wait a minute, The American Prospect, you're telling me the New York Times and all the others were wrong about California's tough on crime right turn, and Karen Bass isn't even losing now???? But how could it beeeeee????

Oh right, Fox too.

Waiting for the stories about people throwing out their conservative sheriffs :) (Bolts Mag)

What did Vanity Fair's staff astrologer have to say about America's future 16 years ago? We're gonna go through some shit, he had to say!

Grilled pork chops with grilled peaches and basil, I will eat you! (Joe's Produce)

Ms. Pickles hid her fucking kittens again. Last time it was in the wall. Now two are missing and one's under the bed. GODDAMMIT PICKLES. Where to find your fucking hidden kittens, Excited Cats.

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