Silly Friday Poll: Dustee Tucker vs. Stormie Janzen

We'll be the first to admit it: we're as addicted to reader polls as Patrick Kennedy is to painkillers. Normally we wouldn't indulge ourselves in this fashion. But hey, guess what -- it's Friday!

dustee%20tucker%203.jpgstormie%20janzen%202%20stormy%20janzen%20jansen.JPGOn the left: Dustee Tucker, the HUD spokeshottie at the eye of the storm surrounding Secretary Alphonso Jackson's recent controversial remarks.

On the right: Stormie Janzen, a staffer to Senator Jeff Sessions, whose racy blog gave rise to a mini-scandal a few months ago.

Two hotties, both alike in dignity,

In fair Washington, where we lay our scene.

Here's what we want to know from you:

Update: A second Dustee-versus-Stormie poll, concerning who is the hotter of the pair, can be accessed here.


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