Silly Paultards, The Great War Is Over

It's December, 2007 all over again! Out of nowhere come the Paultards, today, wanting more War.

Apparently one of them -- "furlough" (Willie Horton?) at the Daily Paul -- saw some "hate speech" in an earlier post, which doesn't make sense -- we suggested that anyone who doesn't lust for sex in the anus with hot & sexy Ron Paul is a TRAITOR. Isn't that a compliment to the Doctor? He's a looker, and smart as a whip! But now this slob wants to kick us off of Google or something. Fine, the Internet is spent.

This is a brilliant opening sentence, though: "As someone who can't help but google news search Ron Paul everyday for almost two years, I keep running into the same foul mouthed liberals slandering the Good Doctor under the guise of Satire."

Tough life.

Anyway, if you're interested, dear readers, maybe go drop a note or two over in the Daily Paul comments section...

[Daily Paul]


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