Silly Teabaggers Thought They Could Mess With Superhero Harry Reid

Silly Teabaggers Thought They Could Mess With Superhero Harry Reid

  • America's first black Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, was written off for dead by the so-called experts because of the mighty, mighty Republican/Teabagger opponents running against him in Nevada. Gosh, the Tea Party even drove many of their sedans and creaking RVs to Reid's tiny mining-post hometown of Searchlight, where Alaskan anger bear Sarah Palin briefly stepped out of her golden chariot (that belonged to somebody else) to bless whatever local nutter was running for Reid's seat. And now? Chicken-bartering wingnut Sue Lowden had been the favorite to defeat Reid, but new polls show her support down to a within-the-margin-of-error 3-point lead over Sour Harry, with 10% undecided and 6% saying "none of 'em" and 3% saying "other teabaggers." Michelle Obama is on her way to Nevada to activate the Muslim Voting Armies of Las Vegas, and a slight improvement in Nevada's slots/hotel-based economy would make a big difference, with unemployment currently at 13.7%. [Washington Post]
  • Good news for gay people who want to get killed fighting brown people in Central Asia and the Middle East: The House of Representatives voted to repeal the military's official ban on being homosexual, and the Senate armed services committee approved similar legislation. It will be a proud day for Equality when a cargo plane lands in America with nothing but rainbow-flag-covered coffins. [Reuters]
  • That plume of dark horror from the Gulf has been stopped, for the time being, by BP's bold "Buttplug in the Bottom of the Sea." But the oil could start pouring out again at any moment, so ... Happy Memorial Day weekend? Barack Obama will be on the Gulf coast today to yell at the water. [NY Times]

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