Silvio Berlusconi Did Not Hump That Particular Traffic Cop

First things first:

Yesterday's video of Silvio Berlusconi humping a meter maid is, apparently, a fraud. Some low-budget German satirical film called Bye Bye Berlusconi. Our first defense: who knew Germans made funny movies? Well, the 45 seconds we saw of that one look pretty good. We just checked out the trailer, and we gotta say that from a distance and slightly blurred, anyone could've made this mistake. We also gotta say that the trailer seems to suggest a movie much less funny than that clip.

But here's our real question: why bother satirizing Berlusconi? The man who compared himself to Napoleon and Jesus within a week? The reason we believed the video was real is because it seemed like it came from of the more socially acceptable end of his range of insane behavior.

Still, though -- we regret the error. But not the traffic.

Bye Bye Berlusconi

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