Silvio, I Gotta Go

berlusconi.jpgOh, Silvio. Silvio Silvio Silvio.

Mr Berlusconi had already compared his achievements in office to those of Napoleon. He had said that only the French emperor had done more for his country, but joked that "I am definitely taller". But at the weekend, he changed tack, describing himself as the "Jesus Christ of politics" at a dinner with supporters, according to Italian newspapers. "I am a patient victim, I put up with everyone, I sacrifice myself for everyone."

You know, you compare yourself to Jesus and Napoleon while running for reelection, normally we'd hand you the "most batshit insane world leader" prize with no problem. But you picked the week when our Vice President shot a 78-year-old millionaire in the face, so you can understand why we're less than impressed. Still, though, good effort.

Berlusconi's boundless modesty: first it's Napoleon, now he's Jesus [Guardian]


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