Sinbad RIPS Hillary About Bosnia Trip!

Sintastic!So this one time Hillary Clinton said she went to Bosnia and was almost murdered by snipers in the terrible war zone, and the only people there to protect her were her daughter and Sheryl Crow and a comedian named Sinbad who has spent the last forty years doing standup at large corporate events. But now Sinbad is STRIKING BACK against Hillary Clinton's horrible lies and exaggerations, and he is doing it for our country (Barack Obama).

Sinbad has had enough of Clinton's blabbing about corkscrew landings and international intrigue. Bosnia was beer and skittles, 24/7!

"I never felt that I was in a dangerous position. I never felt being in a sense of peril, or 'Oh, God, I hope I'm going to be OK when I get out of this helicopter or when I get out of this tank.'"

Now he is sharing his story with the world, so that everyone will know Hillary Clinton is not the gal you want answering the phone at 3 AM when the terrorists call. You want Barack Obama, or maybe Sinbad, unless he is busy hosting the STARZ! Fall Free Movie Weekend.

Sinbad Unloads on Hillary Clinton [The Sleuth]


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