Sinister Plot Afoot To Teach Young Children About Obama

Sinister Plot Afoot To Teach Young Children About Obama

Man, kids lurrrv Barack Obama, probably because his name is easy to pronounce and he's not a scowly old creep. Well, that's one explanation ... for losers! An alternative theory has it that the children's book industry transformed our nation's youth into a wandering herd of Obama zombies by releasing a whole bunch of presidential biographies for kids to read.

These biographies, they are so popular! But why, when nobody except John McCain's own unemployed daughter will write a book about an inspiring Republican?

"It's a question that answers itself, isn't it?" said conservative Encounter Books publisher Roger Kimball.

He called the surge of Obama biographies "a kind of vomiting forth of a certain species of politically correct sentimentality that has penetrated every nook and cranny of the culture."

It is terribly unfair that children's book publishers aren't turning out more books for the 5-12 set about John McCain's many uplifting years in a Vietnamese torture camp, or Sarah Palin's adventures attending every community college in the American West.

Obama's story thrills youngsters [Washington Times]


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