Sir Elton John and a Saber Toothed Tiger

* The "Richard Pryor of Hip-hop" Devin the Dude at Fuzion Lounge (?) in Bethesda (?) $20 at 9PM. [WP]

* The Onion is in DC party at the Black Cat with Georgie James, Neil Hamburger, Aziz Ansari and (The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope. $6 at 8PM. [Black Cat]

* Greg Palast discusses Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans -- Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild and shows his new film Big Easy to Big Empty at a Pacifica Radio event. Donations accepted, 6:30PM. At New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1313 New York Avenue NW. [Olsson's]

* President of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression and the chair of the National Coalition Against Censorship Chris Finan "traces the lifeline of free speech from the War on Terror back to the turn of the last century. Finan's dramatic review of such touchstones as the Scopes trial and Edward R. Murrow's challenge to Joseph McCarthy are revelatory..." He will be introduced by the ultimate Senator Bernie Sanders. At Olsson's in Penn Quarter. Free at 7PM. [Olsson's]


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