and Getting There First

Marc Cooper looks to Islam for something to keep his hands occupied now that Lynne Cheney's soft-core Sisters is out of print, and finds Ayatollah Sistani's site:


    Question: My question is, what does the holy book Quran and prophet Mohammad (pbuh) say about anal sex even if the wife agrees to experience this with her husband?

    Answer: As deduced from narration anal sex is permissible; but it is strongly undesirable. Permission is bound to wife’s agreement and consent to anal sex. If she is not consenting, it would be impermissible.

Kausfiles is, of course, jealous:

    I'd been meaning to do an item on, but fellow Kerryphobe Marc Cooper got to it first, and does a fine, preemptive job. (Where was Wonkette? Asleep at the wheel?) ...

Oh, Mickey. You really think we're good for only one thing, don't you?

OK, you maybe right about that, but it still hurts. (Not as much as it used to, though.)

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