Situation Room Follies

As we sit down to watch the surely earth-shattering "Situation Room" interview with Bill Clinton, we present a selection of special "SitRoom" (cute, huh?) moments, collected by operatives across the globe! Live! Simultaneously!

Included: Wolf and the price of milk, snoozing Schneider, and a thing we stole from CJR.

It's nice to know operatives are as lazy as we are. From yesterday:

Operative1: I just saw something kind of funny.

Operative2: ok.

Operative1: CNN has a new show called "The Situation Room" with Wolfe Blitzer. It's really flashy and fast-paced.

Operative1: And they did this segment with their wall-street guy, explaining about how the airlines are doing.

Operative1: And the guy had a gallon of milk in his hands, and was using it to explain that the price for a gallon of milk is different from the price of a gallon of cow's milk if it goes into ice cream, butter, etc.

Operative1: And he used that to explain about the "crack spread" on jet fuel oil, which is hurting airlines.

Operative2: hmm

Operative1: And after he was done, Wolf Blitzer said, "Let me see that gallon of milk."

Operative1: ?

Operative1: "Are milk prices going up like the price of oil?"

Operative1: And the guy was like, umm I'll look into that.

Operative2: oh, wolf.

Your intern forgot to count the number of times Wolf said "thanks very much" or some variant therein in the Situation Room. He abuses that phrase and it is like rubbing sandpaper on an open wound. *shudder*

I'm not sure if this is a tip, but I couldn't let this gem from Wolf's Situation go unnoticed. As the camera spanned the vast-NASDEQ-esque screens, we all got an amazing view of Bill Schneider sleeping. Maybe not at REM-4, but certainly both eyes shut, and very much drifting off. This just 5 minutes after Wolf tried 5 times to say NCAA.

The show keeps getting better and better. [We looked for this but missed it ourselves; we'd be grateful if anyone out there caught this on tape/bits/whatever. -- ed.]

Air defense team watches out for terrorists, hockey. [CJR]


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