Situation Room Normal, All F'd Up

We'll have a full review from Henry the Intern coming shortly, but we would like to share our first impressions on this, the first hour of the first broadcast of "The Situation Room," CNN's savior show which replaced "Crossfire," "Inside Politics" and "Wolf Blitzer Reports."

How is it different from those shows, you ask? Well, there are a lot of large television screens. The "Blog Report" is now "The Situation Online" where -- I shit you not -- "we'll be watching everything on the internet." (Including goatse? Really?) And these "internet reporters" stand and read the blogs. (Yes, stand and read at the same time.) Another big difference: you see a lot of Wolf Blitzer's legs, which normally would make him look short but they've scaled down the set so he looks, what, at least 5 feet tall. From how often Wolf repeats it, CNN seem to think the distinguishing characteristic of the show is that "we can bring you lots of information simultaneously." CNN has totally discovered RSS. Personally, we're digging our first ever full-profile view of Bill Schneider's paunch.

Best moment so far? A satellite gaffe delayed the start of an interview with CNN's correspondent in Gaza. Wolf ad-libbed, "This is live television and there will be technical glitches," adding, in-your-face-style, "Get used to it if it isn't pretty, as pretty as it always should be."

Funny how they didn't explain Novak that way.

More later.


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