Six Easter Charcuterie Boards To Make Before The Egg Hunt! Tabs, Wed., March 2, 2022

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Six Easter Charcuterie Boards To Make Before The Egg Hunt! Tabs, Wed., March 2, 2022

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Texas's amped-up assault on trans kid is sickening, and if you think they'll stop with trans children, you're a fool. Elie Mystal is fuckin FIGHTING MAD in The Nation.

DFPS is already investigating at least half a dozen families for the "child abuse" of getting their trans kids medical treatment (19th News) — including one parent who's a DFPS employee. She's been put on leave, the state demanding her child's medical records. ACLU sues Abbott's ass. — Doe v. Abbott

Reminder of what "gender affirming" medical care actually is, which is NOT CHILD ABUSE, by Robyn.

Texas gov candidates call on Texas gov to call a special session on trans kids AND parental rights AT THE SAME TIME, no NOT THE PARENTAL RIGHT TO MAKE MEDICAL DECISIONS FOR YOUR KIDS WHAT ARE YOU NEW HERE? (KVUE)

Wisconsin lunatic, who happens to be a former justice of Wisconsin Supreme Court, says Wisconsin should decertify the election. You know, the one that happened almost a year and a half ago. I guess they hope you'll focus so much on that crazy shit, you won't notice he's also imploring the lege to decertify all future elections in which the GOP doesn't win. (Politico / report)


"Supposed white nationalists and anti-semites." No, analyst who is explaining why Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin is in big trouble mister, Nick Fuentes and his pals are for real white nationalists like whoa. It's sort of fun watching McGeachin read off her prompter as woodenly as Trump though. I guess. (I made it about a minute.) (KTVB)

Five vile things Trump did to Zelenskyy. — Free link (I think!) from Washington Post

Russia using Tucker and Tulsi to sell Putin's war. (Intercept)

Putin's "denazifying" Ukraine? Yeah, eat shit, says Daniel Fried at Politico Mag.

Way to read the room, Madison Cawthorn and my rep, Matt Rosendale. Those stupid fuckers introduced a bill to bar any aid to Ukraine "until the Mexican border is secured." IT'S SUCH AN ISSUE IN MONTANA AND NORTH CAROLINA. How fucking mortifying. (Gov Track US)

Zelenskyy assassination plot foiled? Because the FSB's not into it? That doesn't sound like the FSB! — Axios

It sure did come up a lot yestertoday, so what is a "letter of marque"?

a license to fit out an armed vessel and use it in the capture of enemy merchant shipping and to commit acts which would otherwise have constituted piracy.

CZ's Cliff's notes on money laundering, how do it do? (CZ Edwards)

Easter charcuterie boards. This shit's getting nuts. — Better Homes & Gardens

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