Six Things Former Presidents Aren't Allowed To Do After Office! Tabs, Fri., March 17, 2023

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I guess we can thank Tucker Carlson for news organizations discovering video of

the apparent evacuation of Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) from the Senate chamber as a uniformed officer separates him and his security detail from the first wave of rioters who had breached the building. Those rioters were led by Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola, who used a riot shield to shatter a Senate window and ignite the breach of the building near the chamber.

Well what about all the video showing NOT THAT, henghhhhh? — Politico

An Axios reporter replied to a DeSantis education department email that the press release in question — wherein DeSantis is lauded for "expos[ing] the scam" that is diversity, equity, and inclusion — was propaganda. Which it was. So Axios fired him. And Christina Pushaw of all people calling the fired reporter a "propagandist" is making my stomach hurt. It should be funny, it's so ridiculous, and yet it is not. Talking Points Memo talked to the reporter, Ben Montgomery, who should come work for us.

No, the FDA didn't "rush" the approval of Mifepristone; it took four years. Has Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk banned it yet? Anyway, Mark Joseph Stern explains the whole argument is based on a lie. (Slate)

Who's trying to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer today? — NBC News

Michigan students are fucking begging for some gun control. Whitmer and the Lege would like to give it to them. We'll see how long before the United States Supreme Court strikes down whatever they come up with. (Metro Times)

What if we all could have Federal Reserve checking accounts? It's not crazy, Sherrod Brown introduced a bill that would do it back in 2020. — The American Prospect

Put some murders in here and you'd have Alex Murdaugh-level corruption. An inspired tale of some really stupid Florida bills that would forbid local governments from regulating water, which they admit was brought about by their idiot nephew who didn't want to have to not put a boat ramp into the wetlands and not take down protected eagles' nests, told in a rollicking Carl Hiassen style. (Florida Phoenix)

We grow old, we grow old ...

There's a new search engine in town, and they would like us to know your Wonkette has not been blacklisted from it! (We do not know what is going on with Google; lately, we've had to google [generic!] our own stories on Duckduckgo if we want to find a story including the headline we include in the google and also Check it out, see if you like it! (

Oh I get it, I'm supposed to grind the Penzeys lavender before I bake with it, or infuse it in heavy cream and then strain it out before whipping it. Good, that was too many crunchy mouthsful of lavender! (Bon Appetit)

Beet chocolate cake! — Good Stuff dot recipes

Well, it is very green. (Liquor)

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