Sizzling Senators Want You to Vote for Them Now

Yummy Senators-1The weather has cooled but the Senate is HOT! Vote for the hottest at, predictably enough, They've ruled out Obama, for obvious reasons. (Too hot.) It's the right election at the right time: Now that we know the only members worth screwing sit in the Senate, it's awfully helpful to know which Senator is worth screwing the most. An accurate assessment would probably involve an analysis of positions outlines, legislation enacted, and funds raised, but an inaccurate assessment simply takes a gander at Lisa Murkowski's "war chest." Hubba hubba! Still, who wouldn't want a piece of Santorum's ass? Decisions, decisions. In the end, however, we're going with a write-in campaign:

Levin Is Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot
Carl Levin is hot.

The Hottest U.S. Senator Not Counting Obama []


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