Skinflint Obamas Avoid The Taxman By 'Giving' All Their Money to 'Charity'

Skinflint Obamas Avoid The Taxman By 'Giving' All Their Money to 'Charity'

Skinflint cheapo miser Barack Obama and his dumb "wife" "Michelle" "Obama" are total hypocrites now, as if you did not see that coming, because they only paid 18 percent and change in taxes this year, and they think that just because they gave 25 percent of their income to charity in 2012, that somehow makes it okay. I think we all know the answer to that!

Here, for instance, is a very straightforward Wall Street Journal article about the Obamas' taxes. Most of the story details their charitable giving of $150,000, plus an aside at the end about the Buffett Rule, which wouldn't apply to Mr. and Mrs. Kenyan Usurper because of how they did not earn a million dollars last year.

And here is everything FoxNation found noteworthy about the WSJ story:

Here is Joe Scarborough derping about poor Mitt Romney, because paying 14 percent on $13 million is exactly the same as paying 18 percent on $600,000 because shut up that's why.

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And here is a reminder that Mitt Romney (who?) was the most generous, warmest, kindest, charitable-giving individual the world has ever known.

Also, Joe Biden didn't give very much to charity, again. We don't know why he doesn't, it is kind of weird. :(

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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