Slaphappy Federal Gov't Employees Buy iPods, Panties With Your Money!

According to a new audit from the Government Accountability Office, the United States of America's Government has been purchasing iPods, lingerie and other goodies with federal credit cards. About 300,000 federal government employees used purchase cards in 2007. Government purchase cards are like corporate credit cards, except the Corporation is YOU, the AMERICAN TAXPAYER PEOPLE. You and your subprime corporate friends should be ashamed and banished to Spain, with the Moors.

Of course (of course!) the biggest abuser of federal credit cards were the dinguses at the U.S. Postal Service, each of whom is terrible in every sense and probably caused 9/11 too:

Another fraud case involved the U.S. Postal Service, where an unidentified postmaster used his card to charge $1,100 over a 15-month period for "various online dating services" while he was under investigation for viewing pornography on a government computer. The employee worked out an agreement to remain on sick leave until he retired in 2007 and paid back the money spent on the dating services, according to the GAO report and a Postal Service spokesman.

In a case the GAO deemed "abusive," the Postal Service spent $13,500 in 2006 on a dinner at a Ruth's Chris Steak House in Orlando, including "over 200 appetizers and over $3,000 of alcohol, including more than 40 bottles of wine costing more than $50 each and brand-name liquor such as Courvoisier, Belvedere and Johnny Walker Gold." The tab came to more than $160 a head for the 81 guests, the report said.

Only $1,100 for a dating service over 15 months? According to our Whore Diamond Calculator, that must have been a $2.50/hour hooker with disclosed gonorrhea and three children whose Catholic school tuition you must also pay. NEVER HOOK UP WITH THE MAIL LADY AGAIN.

Federal Credit Cards Misused [Washington Post]


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