Small Little Things Men Do That Women Are Totally Infatuated By! Tabs, Thurs., May 20, 2021

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Small Little Things Men Do That Women Are Totally Infatuated By! Tabs, Thurs., May 20, 2021
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Fauci is wrong here. "I think people are misinterpreting, thinking that this is a removal of a mask mandate for everyone. It's not," Fauci told [Mike Allen]. "It's an assurance to those who are vaccinated that they can feel safe, be they outdoors or indoors."

The CDC had to know that the second that mask guidance came out, just about every corporation was going to back off of requiring customers to wear masks. Which they did. Nobody is "misinterpreting" the CDC's guidance. It's simply that the 30 percent of the country that is objectively pro-COVID can now free-ride on the vaccinated people who can go without masks, because nobody's going to ask anyone to show proof of vaccination. (And in Florida, they outlawed private businesses asking for proof of vaccination.) This just hits me as cowardice all around, and I'm not thrilled with CDC leadership either. — Axios

Oregon, our vaccine passport hero! (OregonLive)

Tim Ryan has indeed had enough.

Remember how hard Republicans fought against the 9/11 Commission, because it would make George W. Bush look feckless? Pepperidge Farm remembers. (Center for American Progress)

Behind the scenes of the Kamala Harris/Joe Biden "that little girl was me" busing debate contretemps. It's pretty good! It's also in the past, which is even better. — Politico

"I'm Scared." I'm sorry, Ronald Greene. — AP

All the lies cops tell about the (usually) men they kill on duty. (Guardian)

Speaking of! Reformist Philly DA Larry Krasner has won the shit out of his reelection primary race. Here's Ryan Cooper on the backlash he was facing from local police for overturning the convictions of people they lied on. (The Week)

Oooof this lady — an actual elections expert, so burn, witch, etc. — who observed the Arizona fraudit is ... nonplused. — Washington Post

We're losing decades of gains of women in society and in careers. (Jessica Valenti substack) Previously: Valenti on the progressive men who want their wives to do all the housework. (Medium)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a six-week abortion bill that will allow anyone to sue anyone who so much as helps someone else obtain an abortion. — Texas Tribune

UNC Chapel Hill board of trustees embarrassing their faculty, students, and Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of the "1619 Project," doing their best to cancel Nikole Hannah-Jones for saying racism is a thing that exists in America. (NC Policy Watch)

Oh Lucky Ducky! — Tom the Dancing Bug at Boing Boing

Devin Nunes and Bill Barr's using the power of the state to go after critics :) (Techdirt)

The Onion does some ... oh, what did our Good Judge call it ... epithets used to convey author's contempt for subject. "'At Least They Don't Know About My Leaking, Prolapsed Anus,' Thinks Devin Nunes Filing Lawsuit Against Mocking Twitter Accounts." — The Onion

Well of course the dudes who got corrected online doubled down. Those reply-guy bots in the experiment were SEALION AS FUCK. (Nieman Lab)

The history of frozen pizza! — Ernie at Tedium

From the comments, that's a good fuckin' dog. (Mary and Secret's Instagram) The smartest dog in the world, well not in the world now. (AKC)

It's Mental Health Action Day! Do an action! Of mental health!

Who's having 10 pounds of crawdads tonight? We are! Happy birthday Shypixel of loves. — Louisiana Crawfish

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