Small World After All

* Everyone's got advice for Larry Craig.[Fresh Intelligence]

* In case you were concerned that Bush is going to be more competent in his last year as president, you can put those fears to rest. [Think Progress]

* Frivolous lawsuits keep New Orleans from rebuilding. [Passport]

* U.S. soldiers don't like killing children as much as most libtards would have you believe. [Liberal Avenger]

* GOP turns on Larry Craig to try and keep his seat, looks like. [Michelle Malkin]

* Democrats pick their nominee based on who can win -- that flawless formula that gave the nation John Kerry in 2004. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Patrick "Fuck Myself" Leahy has an AG short list for the president to consider. We hope the list is full of completely objectionable assholes since reverse psychology is usually a pretty effective way to deal with a child. [TPM]

* Manhattan is a popular place for farmers. [Redstate]

* Bush is secretly advancing super-secret one-world-government plan to make Al Qaeda president of the UN. [WorldNetDaily]


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