Smoking Pole Bad, Smoking Pot Good. Got It!

We think we know the real reason why Bob Casey Jr.'s campaign for the Senate didn't want to take sex columnist Dan Savage's $2100 contribution: If he took money from "Savage Love," he'd have to take it from "News Of The Weird," too, and nobody wants to feel indebted to Chuck "Crazy Eyes" Shepherd. But we have no idea why Casey For Pennsylvania's intern director thought it'd be a good idea to post on his Facebook a photo of himself looking messy and disoriented and holding a tallboy beer can, with a fair-sized bong prominently placed in the foreground. His name is Myles Aion, but you can just call him Thurlow Weed. Screen cap of fat kid's Facebook after the jump.

Casey For Senate Loves Grass [Truth Caucus]




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