Smug Cloud Shoots to Upstate New York

assA "smug cloud" weather advisory -- which reigned terror in Tennessee recently -- is in effect for upstate New York, specifically over the home of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his asshole friends. It was first noticed yesterday in RFK Jr.'s painfully glib e-mail from the DSCC.

Quoth RFK Jr.:

Where I live in upstate New York, I've recently seen robins and bluebirds show up in the middle of winter. And this past January, a friend of mine ate asparagus he harvested in the Catskills, which are normally frozen this time of year.

Global warming is no longer a distant threat. It's happening now. And we're running out of time to stop it.

Meteorologists are urging all citizens not to pollute the air with pithy anecdotes, and instead to use real arguments when describing major scientific threats that already have plenty of evidence to support them.


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