Sniper 'Empties Intestinal Canal' Instead Of Protecting George Bush!

He is pissing on all of AmericaGeorge Bush visited Russian President Vladimir Putin this weekend and made all of his rented buses dismantle their back seats and put "strange black boxes" there. And when he arrived by plane, one of the snipers stationed around the airport to ward off gunfire from enemies did a surprising thing! offers this harrowing account of George W. Bush's narrow brush with death:

The sniper that was watching the plane land in the airport from the airport roof gave his gun to the mate and slowly started to pull his pants off and empty his intestinal canal right there, on the airport roof, seen by photographers and journalists!

It remains uncertain what the sniper would have done if he had at that very time to maintain defense of George Bush. Perhaps he would be able to protest his president with a different type of gun.

US sniper meets Bush with his pants down [ via Pravda]


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