SNL: Obama And McConnell Get Wasted At Bourbon Summit (Video)

SNL: Obama And McConnell Get Wasted At Bourbon Summit (Video)

It's the summit you know will (probably) never really happen, but it sure is fun to imagine President Obama and newly selected Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell knockin' back a few and even finding common ground. Like having themselves a good chuckle prank calling Hillary Clinton to tell her, "This is Publishers Clearing House. I want you to know you’ve won an all-expense paid trip to … getting’ whooped in 2016!"

And after a few more drinks, they even have an honest conversation about their feelings for each other, man.

McCONNELL: You're black.

OBAMA: Yes, I am half black.

McCONNELL: I mean, you ever think about that, a black U.S. president with this country’s history? No one would have thought that.

OBAMA: And no one would have ever thought that the Senate Majority Leader would be a redneck who looks like he lost his lips in a fire," Obama quips back.

Have yourself a laugh. Bourbon optional.


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